Infinite Tennis
"Unlock and Unleash Your Hidden Potential to Play Your Best Tennis Ever"

Magnify  your Mental Powers to Get in the Zone and Play Like a Pro

"I guarantee that your tennis game will improve at least a half level or .5 on the  NTRP Rating Scale, after using the Amazing Techniques in this Revolutionary Book. You'll discover how to play better than you ever believed possible, learn tennis skills quicker than ever before, and discover the invisible mental barriers that have been holding you back. If you don't like the book for any reason you can return it within the 30 days and you can keep as a gift, the Five Bonuses worth $78.00, that come with Infinite Tennis." 

"30 Day Better than Money Back Guarantee" 
If you don't love what Infinite Tennis does for your tennis game, then simply contact me and I'll refund your credit card within 30 days of purchase. You'll also get to keep the 5 bonuses (not the email coaching) as a gift for trying, Infinite Tennis.

Testimonial from: Mark Rue, South Brunswick

This is important that I had lessons because as I go into High School I can surprise many people. I thank Roger for the techniques and mind games of tennis. That was one thing that was important, the mind. The mind can do many things to your game. If you think your gonna lose, your gonna lose. But when your mind is on the game and your are focused, you'll get better and better.

THANKS A LOT TO ROGER! (Trust me, the lessons pay off) -MARK

More Testimonials:

"Discover Your Infinite Power for Tennis Genius"

Dear Tennis Enthusiast,

"Infinite Tennis: Unleash Your Hidden Athletic Genius for Peak Performance and Playing in the Zone," is filled with techniques to help you realize your full-potential as an athlete, tennis player, and person. 

You'll learn techniques to improve your tennis game as rapidly as possible. You'll learn how to correct mistakes during a match that in the past you couldn't change resulting in a horrible day of tennis. 

You'll also learn techniques to help you get into the Zone more often so that you can perform at Peak Levels on a more consistent basis.

Have you been experiencing these problems?

  1. Has your tennis game been stuck at the same level for years?

  2. Have you taken many tennis lessons but improved very little?

  3. Do you do very well while practicing but then your new improvements fall apart during a match?

  4. Do you often choke or miss shots you should be making?

  5. Do you feel you could be a much better player, but somehow it's just not happening?

  6. Do you try to give yourself many instructions at once, while hitting a shot that is difficult for you?

  7. Have you ever played really well or in the Zone, and then the next day you completely lost it? 

  8. Did you ever experience burn out? 

If any of these questions apply to you then read on. All of these things happened to me and I desperately wanted to solve these problems. I eventually overcame them and you can too. 

My 17 years of being a Professional Tennis Instructor and deep research into fields outside of tennis, helped me to develop these revolutionary techniques for tennis. 

Read on to discover how you will become a much better tennis players. Some of the techniques don't even require on court practice time to rapidly improve your game.

What you get from reading Infinite Tennis: Assorted Chapter Benefits

Use Continuous Imagination for Rapid Improvement

  1. Learn tennis Quickly and Naturally like the Pros

  2. Breakthrough Learning Plateaus

  3. Improve your Game through Continuous Imagination

  4. Discover how your Beliefs are holding you back

Hidden Beliefs can Make or Break You

  1. Improve your Game by Simply Changing your Mind

  2. Remove Invisible Blocks to your progress

  3. Quickly Improve your game without extra practice time

  4. Reach High Skill-Levels you Previously Thought you'd never get to 

The Holodeck Technique:

  1. Overcome Fears of all Types

  2. Play your best Under Pressure

  3. Play well with an Overly Critical Doubles Partner

  4. Compete well against people who used to make you Nervous

  5. Don't be afraid to go for your shots

  6. Simple Technique to Reduce Double Faults

  7. Overcome the Fear of Losing

  8. Discover the Source of Pressure and Conquer It

  9. Get in the Zone by overcoming Fear

Learn How to Quickly Correct any Mistake in Practice or During a Match

  1. Coach yourself

  2. Quickly and Easily Correct Stroking Errors

  3. Discover your pattern of errors and how to quickly correct them

  4. Simple technique to analyze stroking errors

  5. Reset your Internal Calibration System

Compete in the Zone

  1. How to get into the Zone more often

  2. Unleash your Full Athletic Potential

  3. How Fear keeps you out of the Zone and how to overcome it


  1. Relaxation

  2. Fun

  3. Outflowing

  4. Continuous Imagination

  5. Act as if you have achieved your goal: 

  6. Be Pete Sampras

  7. Deep Concentration

How to Instantly Improve your Tennis Game

  1. Improve your Tennis Game without putting in extra time on the practice court

  2. Unlock your hidden athletic potential

  3. Discover your Invisible Mental Barriers

  4. Take full advantage of your strengths

  5. Compete with Confidence

  6. Improve any area of your life, not just tennis

Instant Tennis Improvement

  1. Quick and Natural Method of Learning Tennis

  2. Stop thinking and Get in the Zone

  3. Program yourself for great results with just One Mental Command

  4. Learn to relax on the tennis court

  5. Change your mechanics the Natural Way

  6. Get Complete Subconscious Instructions for Each Shot

  7. Visualization Technique to hit like the Pros

  8. Create Trust in your Subconscious to Stroke Flawlessly

  9. Improve Stroke Quality Instantly by up to 20%


1.      Goal Focus Technique

A Myth about Learning Tennis:

  1. Learn Tennis the way Natural Athletes do

  2. Make better use of your tennis lessons

  3. Become an active learner for Accelerated Learning

  4. Donít worry about trying new things out in-between lessons

  5. Formula for how you can tell if you are hitting a good shot or not

The other chapters are jam packed with even more techniques to help you play up to your full-potential. Below I've included the Table of Contents of this EBook.

Contents: Infinite Tennis

I   Notes about the Creation of "Infinite Tennis"

1.    The Discovery of "Infinite Tennis": Introduction

2.    Use Continuous Imagination for Rapid Improvement

3.     Hidden Beliefs can Make or Break You

4.     Biofeedback for Tennis

5.     The Holodeck Technique

6.     The Holy Grail to Super Athletic Ability

7.   Learn How to Quickly Correct any Mistake in Practice or During a Match

8.   Compete in the Zone: How to reach your full athletic potential

9.   How to Instantly Improve Your Tennis Game by Removing Your Hidden Limitations

10.   Think in Pictures and Feelings

11.   Instant Tennis Improvement

12.   A Myth about Learning Tennis

13.   Key Words Defined: Glossary

14.   Testimonials

Bonus: Special Report

Breakthrough, Scientific Technique Guaranteed to Increase your Speed, Endurance, Energy Levels and Much More without Exercising.

New Audio Program: 33 Techniques for Rocket-Like Serves

I'm also releasing an exclusive audio program. The program is called "33 Techniques to Rocket-Like Serves." I already had a very powerful serve, but after developing these techniques my power and serving accuracy have increased even more. 

These are techniques I've used with hundreds of students to improve their serving speed and accuracy. Serving speed is just like any other muscle development. 

If you can increase your strength with weight training then you can increase your serving speed. There are all sorts of techniques that you may have never thought of but that really work.

The serve is the most important shot in tennis. If you never lost your serve including in tie breaks you would be number one in the world. That's how Goran Ivanisevic won Wimbledon. If you had to pick one shot to master a serve would be the most effective one to choose. Just ask Pete Sampras.

You'll learn some serving techniques that simply aren't being taught elsewhere. I guarantee that you'll increase your serving speed anywhere from 15 to 50 miles per hour or more.

You'll also Get a Bonus Audio, Book, Peak Performance Questionnaire and Two Reports

  Added Bonus: Email Coaching

I've added a new bonus on top of the 5 bonuses I'm including below for, The Infinite Tennis Package. This is the most valuable bonus, worth $50, for email coaching.

You get to email me up to 3 questions about improving your tennis game. You can ask me questions regarding your mental game, what strategy to use to beat your archrival, or even get instruction on stroke mechanics. 

You'll get customized answers to take your game to the next level. Don't forget to take advantage of this. I may end this bonus at any time.

Anything related to your tennis game, just ask me and I'll be glad to help you out. Email me at roger(at) once you have purchased Infinite Tennis and want to start your email coaching program.

1. 33 Techniques for Rocket-Like Serves

Your bonus for purchasing Infinite Tennis is "33 Techniques for Rocket-Like Serves. This audio program is an MP3 file. Just download it and you can play it in your favorite MP3 player. 

2. Peak Performance Questionnaire

These are questions I use in my Peak Performance Consultations for Tennis Players. Just by answering these questions you will gain a tremendous insight into your own tennis game. You'll quickly realize the steps you need to take to improve your game right away.

3. An eBook by the Most Accurate Server in Tennis History

A book by one of the greatest all time tennis players in the world. He dominated tennis in the 1920's.

Learn from the man who was able to do this amazing feat on his serve. I never believed this story until my former tennis coach at Rutgers confirmed that he actually saw Bill Tilden do this. The amazing thing was that this was apparently a regular trick that Mr. Tilden pulled off. I've read about it several times.

What Bill did was to place 5 silver dollars in one service box. Then he would go to the opposite baseline and put 5 tennis balls in his big hand. Then he proceeded to knock off each silver dollar one by one with his serve. I can't even hold five tennis balls in my hand at the same time. That is an amazing feet of accuracy. In this book Bill will teach you his serving techniques. He also has four chapters on the mental game of tennis. This book is instructional and historical at the same time.  

4. Breakthrough, Scientific Technique Guaranteed to Increase Your Speed, Endurance, Energy Levels and Much More Without Exercising. 

Discover the everyday Superfood that will give you amazing benefits in your athletic performance.

This special report is already included as the last chapter of "Infinite Tennis." 

5. Discover the Awesome Technique

The Awesome Technique will give you a more in-depth understanding of how to gradually apply the previous breakthrough report. It has 33 Amazing Benefits. 

33 Benefits Grouped by Area of Specialization:

Weight Loss


"Guaranteed to lose all the weight you want, while eating as much gourmet food as you want. Then you'll level out at a very healthy weight, with exceptionally low body fat." (This technique has worked for thousands of people. I have lost 14 pounds with this technique. I know someone who was 295 pounds, a year later he is 150 pounds by using this technique. He said that his only problem is that he still overeats. Imagine that, he overeats and he still lost 145 pounds in one year.)

Disease Prevention and Super Health


Anti-Aging: Look and feel years younger


Many diseases and illnesses have been healed within a relatively short period of time. You may never need to go to a doctor again. Think of all the money you'll save on doctor bills. Some of the diseases that have been documented to be cured by this technique include Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis, Asthma, Colitis, Psoriasis and too many others to list here.


Clear up all sinus problems and start breathing incredibly deep and satisfying breaths. Great for athletes


Eventually heal your eyesight and throw out your glasses


Lower Cholesterol


Become much more resistant to colds, flues and bio-terrorism.


Eliminate Infections naturally without antibiotics.


Dramatically strengthen your Immune System, or more accurately your Defense System


Lowers your blood pressure

Super Athletic Performance


Gives you increased energy levels


Clear up all sinus problems and start breathing incredibly deep and satisfying breaths. Great for athletes


Get in Super Athletic Shape without Working Out: Increased Aerobic Fitness


Quicker Recovery from Workouts: Less lactic acid buildup.


Lowers your pulse rate


Decrease physical injuries due to exercise


Play sports more competitively at a much older age


Gives you incredible physical endurance


Increase your Agility


Increase your Reaction Speed


Greater Strength 

Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Health


Feel vibrantly happy from the cellular level


Overcome laziness and get much more work done


Dramatically increase your level of spiritual awareness


Make's you smarter, and more creative


Defeat Depression and Moodiness


Eliminate Mental Fog



Save time


Save money


You'll need less sleep



Overcome laziness and get much more work done


Earn more money because of your superior energy, endurance, mental clarity and intelligence


Make's you smarter, and more creative


Gives you increased energy levels


You'll need less sleep


Work longer hours because: You can stand on your feet much longer without fatigue

"Infinite Tennis," is selling for a low price of $27.00. "33 Techniques for Rocket-Like Serves," is selling for $10.00. If you are one of the first 100 people to buy you'll get a $10.00 discount and pay only $17.00 for the entire package including the 5 bonuses worth $78.00. 

Lifetime Upgrades:

You are also entitled to lifetime upgrades of the book. So whenever I have new information you'll be able to download the latest copy.

Thanks, Roger Haeske

Infinite Tennis is an electronic book or e-book. You can read it immediately after paying for it. You can also print out the whole book on your printer or just selected pages.  The e-book does support these versions of the Windows Operating System.

Important: Macintosh computer users and everyone else can now also download my e-book in PDF format.

"30 Day Better than Money Back Guarantee" 
If you don't love what Infinite Tennis does for your tennis game, then simply contact me and I'll refund your credit card within 30 days of purchase. You'll also get to keep the 5 bonuses (not the email coaching) as a gift for trying, Infinite Tennis.

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